Honda Grom Price

2018 Honda Grom Specification,Price,Mileage Launch Soon

Honda Grom Price

Posted by Breaux Albert on Sunday, 15 September, 2019 08:03:48

Your Honda GROM is a rough-and-tumble bike that can take a beating, but like anything else, it sometimes can use a bit of care. When something goes a little wrong with your beloved GROM, is here to offer the Honda GROM parts you need to fix. Get Your Honda GROM Parts from

With fat-tired 12-inch wheels, a wheelbase just over 47 inches, a seat height 30 inches, and a curb weight of just 229 pounds, there isn't much intimidating about the 2019 Honda Grom. The only

The Z125 is also more heat pressure with 9.8 to 1 than 9.3 to 1 Grom. 2020 Honda Grom Rumor Price. Whether you plan to use it as a riot, suburb or coach, or a combination of it, the prices are very reasonable and very competitive. Honda enjoys the "first" status with Groom, and exports a slightly higher price at $ 3199.

2019 Motorcycle Buyer's Guide: 2019 Honda Grom The Honda Grom has officially made its return for 2019 with some welcomed changes for this model year! Key 2019 Grom Facts / Specs: 2019 Grom Horsepower - 9.7 HP @ 7,000 RPM 2019 Grom Torque - 8.04 ft/lb TQ @ 5,500 RPM 2019 Grom MPG - 134 Miles Per Gallon […]

Hammerhead Billet CNC Shift lever for Honda Grom $ 64.95 XK Glow LED Integrated brake and signal function Motorcycle Plate Frame For Honda Monkey $ 74.99 - $ 139.99 MNNTHBX Ruckus Foot Pegs $ 38.00

Honda Grom Parts So you've decided a scooter to be too casual for you and you want something sportier, and a big bike is just too big for what you're feeling. Then you've probably decided on a Honda Grom at 125cc.