1 4 Mile Times

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1 4 Mile Times

Posted by Brassel Adriene on Sunday, 15 September, 2019 10:43:39

What time is a normal 1/4 mile time for a off the floor A8 hellcat challenger. Stock tires , stock everything. No burn out on a drag strip. I have heard and read M6 cars are .5 second slower.

1/4 mile times. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 121 Posts stock Redeye 1/4 mile Time Slips (stock) Stock Redeye 9000 miles on it Michilen Pilot Spot 2 tire 180 tread compound. A street tire very similar to what the car came with but slightly softer rubber compound. (it didn't matter) Rear re

I did around 20 1/4 mile runs last summer and best run on street tires was 13.22. Most runs averaged 13.4. No idea what the DA was on days I ran. Keeping traction is a *****. Next summer will be different as I now have Drag Radials. Just need a line lock now. I should be high 12s with the DRs.

3. Be honest about the conditions you ran in, meaning temperatures. Winter time vs summer time. Dragy should be used more as a performance reference, rather than the ultimate 1/4 results. 4. List all of your performance mods. Here are the top times as of March 19th, 2019. 1/4 mile time, speed, 1/8 mile time, speed, 60

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